Dental Implants Clawson, MI.

Reclaim your smile while rediscovering the confidence and comfort to speak, laugh, eat and enjoy life with dental implants Clawson, MI. Our dentures are designed for the replacement of teeth that feel, look, or function in an unnatural way. Wherever you are in Michigan, if you have lost your perfect smile, we help you regain your ability to eat virtually anything while smiling with confidence knowing that your teeth appear natural. With dental implants, you also get to preserve your facial contours and life simply becomes easy.

What’s A Dental Implant?

A dental implant refers to an implant-supported replacement teeth. However, these teeth/tooth is not different from your natural teeth as they all have the same basic features. They both have a crown and a root holding the teeth securely under your gum, and the root is anchored into the jaw. The main difference between the implants and your natural teeth that the implants are made of titanium. However, they cannot be told apart.

What Happens After You Lose Your Tooth/Teeth?

Losing a tooth means losing both the crown and the root. The first step in replacing the tooth will be to replace the root with a dental implant. Then Osseointegration, the time allowed for your bone to heal while growing around the dental implant. Within this period, your bone bonds with titanium to create a stronger foundation for the artificial teeth. 

Afterwards, a support post, abutment, is placed on the implant then a new replacement tooth, crown, is placed on the support post, abutment. Often, a temporary tooth replacement is attached to the implant immediately after it is placed. However, for those who have lost all their teeth, they are given a variety of treatment options for supporting the replacement teeth. It’s never difficult, neither does it have to cost a fortune. Get your smile back the easy and cheap way by contacting us for the best deals. 

Surgical Advances

For a permanent solution, you need to consider using the most recent technological advances in the dental implant. With the recent dental implant technology, we can place even single-stage implants if deemed appropriate. With a single-stage implant, you will not require any second procedure to uncover it. All you need is at least six weeks to heal before the placement of the artificial teeth.

In some cases, you can have your artificial teeth placed immediately after the tooth extraction. With this, you will minimize the number of surgical procedures. We give you the best options for your condition to ensure that you get the most from the whole procedure while saving as much time and resources as possible.

Get your five-star smile now by contacting us and meet Dr.Shamoon, the friendliest doctor and his team with the highest qualifications and experience in dental implants. We make each step the easiest it can be while supporting you all through. We believe in giving the best, and we don’t mind going an extra mile to get the best results. 

We offer free consultancy, and our friendly customer care is always waiting to answer all your questions. Dental implants Clawson, MI. is here to restore all the smiles and comfortable laughter while enabling you to eat just anything you want. Call us today and walk away with the best dentures in Michigan at a pocket-friendly price. Welcome.